Dear Sirs,
after all these years of successful selling of Yamaha RD350 pipes, we have developed a new, more powerful model for 2001. The new model has been created after some months of deep engineering, and research of flaws in the old one. Obviously our experience has grown a lot in the past decade, and it gave us the possibilities to develop such a new incredible set. We think the new set will makes customers really happy. mostly due to power increase. So, finally, here are the results of the latest tests:
 7000 rpm  - 
 8000 rpm  - 
 9000 rpm  - 
10000 rpm  - 
+8HP !!!!

The new pipes will even get an 11500 maximum rpm, without any problem at al. Here you'll find enclosed the resulting curve, directly from the test bench printer.
We really hope this will get some more satisfied customer to our/your list. Thanx for your support.

Best Regards

di Rinaldi Gluditta & C

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